3rd Year Mug Club RENEWALS #1-100! JUNE SESSION DUE NOW!! #1-100


3rd Year Mug Club RENEWALS #1-100! JUNE SESSION DUE NOW!! #1-100

60.00 80.00

Year 2 of our Mug club is coming to an end on Friday June 21st and it’s time to renew! If you are already a member and would like to keep your spot it will only cost you $60. Please select your mug number from the drop down and add to your cart. If you do not know your Mug number email us to ask.THIS IS FOR EXISTING MEMBERS ONLY. If you do not plan on renewing please email us and let us know so we can open your spot to new members. IF you would like to join the Mug Club keep an eye on the “New Member” section to see if there are any newly open spots available. Double check you picked the correct mug. Here is to another year of Great German beer and Great events! PROST!!

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Brauhaus Schmitz Stein Verein (Mug Club)
$80 Initial Membership fee for 1 year ($60 renewal)

- Membership Card
- Custom Brauhaus lidded stein with engraved name and number
- 15% Discount on beer, food and merchandise
 - Free Mug Parking - we will keep it clean and ready for your next visit
- A Free Beer on your birthday
- Priority invitation to special tastings and beer releases
- Discount codes to special events like Oktoberfest VIP and the Armory
- Top 5 spenders of the year to receive additional perks and a personalized name plate at “their” seat at the bar
- Spending only $1.25 per day more than covers the cost of membership


Lawyer Stuff:
- Discount is only for mug club members and not entire party
- Membership is not transferable

- Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts, like happy hour
- Custom mugs can take until September to be delivered, Andechs mugs are temporary until then
- Christmas Mug Club year begins and ends December 15th
- Lost, stolen or broken mugs are the responsibility of members to replace at cost. If we break, we will replace it
- Membership is limited to the number of spots available in the club (currently 100)
- Brauhaus reserves the right to change Club Membership or benefits without notice

- Brauhaus reserves the right to revoke membership for not abiding by Haus Rules!